Noob question

hi. i was wondering if someone would give me an easy answer with my layout challenges. im trying to build a betting app but, since im fairly new to glide, im not sure if im not getting the desired look due to my skill level in glide, or if it’s due to glide’s layout limitations. if you take a quick look at these screens, would you please tell me if this is not at all doable? i cant code, so im trying to achieve this with whatever is available in glide.

short description:
there are two racers for this game mode - red and white.
the 1.52/1.56 are payout multipliers
the input field is supposedly clickable, where players can input their bet amount
the 156 is the payout if player wins
then the last columns are race date, race start time, and race status

this other one is a simple details screen but i wanted the two racers to be displayed side by side, but i cant seem to make it work with 1:1 column containers.

PS: i understand there can be other ways to present this information, and im sure i can achieve the desired outcome of letting players make their selection and place their bet - but im trying to avoid too many clicks and too many deep links, given the dynamics of the target community. however, if it really cant be done, im willing to setup the additional steps. i just dont want to spend too much time trying to build it this way, wihout knowing if it’s simply not possible without external code.

any feedback would be appreciated. thanks in advance!