No Templates fit my app project

I am an author. I point out the positive attributes of a person’s name but looking through the templates I don’t see any templates that will do what I need my app to do. I need a person to type each letter of their name in a separate box and I will produce my positive content. What should do or where should I start?

You should be able to have a single text entry component. This will fill a single column. Then you can use a Split Text column with no separator (delimiter) to create an array of each letter. Then you could use that array as the source of a Relation column to a sheet that contains related content for each letter.

Otherwise you would need to create separate columns, separate relations, and separate text entry components to allow a user to type one letter in each box.


Jeff, thanks for your reply. Are you saying that for each letter in each position of the letter in a name? Let’s take you name for an example, as the first letter being a J which would say that your positive attributes are of leadership but what ever the letter I would have to write out the positive content for each letter of the alphabets? And do this for each position of the letters of a name? How would the app recognize which letter is present in the name or would I have to integrate an OCR software to recognize the letters in a name? I am a bit confused.

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Well, with the single text box method, using the additional columns that I described, you can split a single string of text into an array of individual letters, like this.


From there I’m picturing a separate sheet that contains each letter in a column, and a positive attribute for each letter in another column. A relation column would return all of the attributes for each letter in the array, which you could display in an inline list. There’s probably a lot more to it to get the exact results and look you going for, but that was the basic idea I was thinking of.

The only other thought is to require a user to enter each letter into separate entry components and process it that way.


This is so smart.


I want to thank you for your help out of the fog somewhat for now.