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New to Glide, I have created 2 search filters based on this video: How to create multi filter selection in Glide - YouTube
I would now like to give the user a “No Results” message when the search returns no results.

I have tried using plain text with conditional display but it does not work.

Do you have any suggestions on how to solve my problem?

Thank you in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can have a relation > rollup setup to count the numbers of items that match the filter, then you can show/hide the “No results” message based on that rollup.


Hello ThinhDinh,

Thank you for your reply. I have read these pages Glide • Rollup Column / Glide • Relations but I can’t understand how to do it.

I tried to adapt this video by Robert Petitto: Glide: Filter an Inline List with Choice Components - YouTube to my application, but I can’t.

Would you have a tutorial for me please?


Perhaps if you can add a couple of screen shots that show how you are applying your filters, then we can guide you.


Hello Daren,

Attached are 4 screenshots :


Thank you in advance

In the table that is the source of your screen, you should be able to create a Rollup column that counts the values in the Compter-résultats column. If the number is 0, then use visibility to show a text component with a message.


Thanks Jeff.

As you will see from these attachments, the result is 13 regardless of the search. I don’t understand why.

Are the items selected for my “Col-Rollup” column the right ones?


Hi Anthony,

Instead of a “count” in your rollup column, use a “sum”. It should work.

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Hi Lucas,

I used “sum” instead of “count”. I also modified the “Compter-résultats” column using “All true” (see attachment) and it works!

Thanks a lot to all of you for helping me! :smiley:


Wonderful people coming together to help, what drives me every day to come to this community!


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