New Submit Action for Button

I think this is a feature request unless somebody knows a way to achieve it. I am getting a growing number of customers who would like a button to submit a form rather than relying on the “tap at top right”. I guess the obvious mechanism would be new button action to submit parent form?


Excellent suggestion.


Yes please. The submit button is obscure/very small and it’s labelled differently in iOS & Android. Ideal would be a button that we can label ourselves.


Agree. If you allow edit and delete operation on the item, the delete is more prominent than the Done action in the form.


Yup. I had six more “support” calls today, four on Android, no idea how to submit their feedback form. For the time being I want to add some text to explain at the bottom of the form, but even that has to be generic as I don’t know if they’re on Android or iOS. The latter shows the word “Submit” at top right rather than a tick.

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