Need understanding about creating field names with grouping

Hi Everyone,

I am working hard to learn as much as I can with Glide. I have one thing that I need your help to understand. As I progress, I want to make sure that I have the right foundation.

With that said, if someone would be willing to create a short explanation video about creating field names, the right way to create them, and what the purpose and benefits are for them using a group (Task/name)? I believe that a good explanation video would help me and the community.

Thank you in advance.

There’s no “right way”, I believe, at the end of the day it depends on what fits your workflow. I usually name them based on their column types (Basic - Relations - Queries - Lookups etc), but in some cases I want to group them by the function related to my app.


Good point, I drag the fields into rel_, Relations, etc groups but hadn’t thought of naming them like that.

PS In dragging columns around I discovered that Relation fields use the first column (and first image?) in a table to label the’pills’ that appear in Relation columns . So I was able to make the pills more meaningful as previously they’d contained ID strings. Is there any way to choose which column is used to populate the pill other than using the first column?

No, you don’t have control over that. I almost never look at the relations to gather info, it only serves as whether the relation returns something or not to me. If I need specific meaningful info, I use a lookup/single value column.