Need multiple "AND" & "OR" logic if and else in column [Images included]

Hello guys and glide experts, i need your help for building inventory system. I’m using glade template inventory management, but i modify to fulfill my needs.

my apps have 3 Type in orders table for now :

  • Restock (default)
  • Send (basicly send goods from warehouse A to Warehouse B )
  • Receive (when Send triggered, its also create row with type Receive. and Warehouse B receive the goods)
  • Sell (default) * i’m not using yet

When row orders with type receive the goods , i define the rows with status Pending, because its not receive yet…

So i will create button to trigger from status Pending to Done when Warehouse B receive the goods.

The problem is my column, inputs and outputs cannot handle multiple “AND” conditions, its only handle “OR” condition.

here the images so i can explain better.

images above explain what i do in table.

My Goals :
when i change status from Pending to Done, inputs pending → null and then inputs → 99

and i already done this, but its messed up


Please help me , i’m very excited build the apps using glide so far.

Yeah, the IF column is a little confusing in my opinion. I have a feature request out there because I’d rather see the ability to mix AND and OR logic everywhere in glide where there is any kind of IF logic (including Actions, Filters, and Visibility).

The way the IF column works is that it falls into the first condition that is true. If it fails all conditions, then it hits the last ELSE. Basically an OR condition, but not exactly.

What you need to do in these cases it twist around your thinking a little bit. Take your Inputs column for example, this is how I would set it up.

IF Status is not 'Done' Then *blank
ELSEIF Type is 'Restock' Then Quantity
ELSEIF Type is 'Receive' Then Quantity
ELSE *blank
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Thanks to you @Jeff_Hager . My problem is solved.


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