Need help Zapier / Excel / Idea

Hello Everyone , I am working on Glide project , stocking , collecting data and reporting app.

Situation :
Everyday the car will come pick up my fruits to wash and return the washed one to me ( 2 times a day)

Example :
Monday , morning

  • the car took 3 Apple , 2 Banana , 3 Orange , 4 Pineapple
  • No return yet
    Monday , evening
  • the car returned the washed fruits that took from Monday ( 3 Apple , 2 Banana , 3 Orange , 4 Pineapple )
  • the car took new fruits to wash

Tuesday , morning
– the car returned the washed fruits that took from Monday Evening

  • Take new Fruits to wash
    Tuesday , evening
  • the car returned the washed fruits that took from Tuesday Evening
  • the car took new fruits to wash

Then Repeat !!
*** There are about 20-30 types of fruits
*** Routine everyday ( 2 Times a day )
Now I splited the excel into 4 Tables ( Morning In , Morning Out , Evening In , Evening Out ) and I want to send the record of each table to my Line or " AUTO PRINTED " by somehow


  1. What is the best way to use Zapier to send my Excel Table ( Fruit Routine Record ) to my Line Chat or to be AUTOPRINTED by some program ( I think Outlook might possible )
    So that after I collected date in each time , the record will be auto sent to Line or printed out.

  2. Excel Table , Can I set Auto Transpose ? like I want my Table 2 to auto transpose the specific column/row from Table 1 . Or if this can be done by scripting?

  3. I see some people use scripting to help improving performance , can you tell me what plugin i should install ? I want to try using some scripts too . Thanks



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Is there a reason you need 4 tables? Or would a filtered list be ok? Or are you filtering from a main list already into each of those tables?

Does the list of 30 fruits ever change? It’s not a huge problem if it does, it is just the form entry would need updating (unless someone can think of a dynamic way to build it)

I’m thinking you have a form with a list of fruits, you enter how many of each fruit are sent. If that is submitted at the time the car leaves, you can register the date/time that occurs. You can add you was responsible for the collection, car driver name etc to add a little traceability.

On return you can review that data from a list, edit numbers of fruits (if any were spoiled), if all ok simply press a button to check the fruits back in. This button will register date/time of return.

All this data will be held in a single list which you can filter by date, time, person, driver, number of spoiled items etc

You could then output this data to a printer, pdf or whatever method you choose.