Need Advice on my approach on filtering data based on choice component selection

Hi Guys,

I have a choice component which has Option A , Option B and Option C

I need to show only certain elements in my collection based on the choice component

Approach I am taking now
What I am doing now is, I am writing the choice component value into a column

I have 3 collection which has Data filtered by Option A , Option B and Option C

Based on the selected value I am hiding or showing the required collection.

This approach is working,

Is this a good approach and would it impact performance?

Thank you guys in Advance.


There is nothing wrong with that approach, but it’s more complicated than it needs to be.

You could achieve the same result with a single collection and a screen filter. (“option is screen->option”).

On the topic of custom filtering, below is a video I made recently that demonstrates some of the more advanced techniques. It might help open your eyes to some of the possibilities.


Thank you for the reply Darren, Let me go through the video you shared.