Missing relations


I want a create directory app with this structure:

  • A category has many sub-categories
  • A sub-category has many activities

When creating a relation only one category can find the sub-categories (the second one) and I don’t understand why. Anybody would have an idea? (I’ve made sure to have the same wording everywhere )


Hi @A-Keating,

Welcome to the community,

May you please post some screenshot of your issue so that we can have a better understanding of where the issue may be…

Did you make the relation a multiple relation?
Is the wording of subcategories exactly the same in both tables?
(Relations are case sensitive)

As a new user, I cannot publish some screenshots. Here’s a link of the image

Make sure you don’t have any extra spaces around your category name. They have to match exactly for a relation to work.


Yes, it’s working thanks @Jeff_Hager :pray:


To take this to the next level, add a RowID column to your Categories table, and use that as a CategoryID. Then when you add a sub-category, add the CategoryID instead of the Category name, and use that in your relations. This will give you a much more robust solution.


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