Merchant Not Showing Up In Collections

For some reason users under the role Merchant will not show up when I choose to filter them. Only the Customer role will.

Need more information please.
At least a screen shot showing your component configuration, and one that shows the data you are filtering.

Okay here are the images. I couldn’t find anything out of place.

Issue 2

At first the role type was called Business but I changed it to Merchant when I got the same issue. It seem to fix the issue but the next day it got the same issue.

Issue 4

Seeing that the rows appear to be greyed out, I’m guessing that you have Row Owners applied. You aren’t showing the column headings, so I can’t tell which column has row owners applied. If it’s the Role column, and the user you are viewing as doesn’t have that role, then you won’t have access to those rows.

I’m viewing as a user who’s role is Customer. What I did here worked on the app version.

What’s the point of having Row Owners applied in anybody can view anybody else’s row?

I’m confused here.

What I’m trying to do is have businesses appear in collection to the customer.

It works with the app but I’m not getting the same results.

I need more information to say for sure.

  • Are you utilizing Role functionality in your user profile configuration?
  • If so, which column is set as the Role column?
  • Is the table with Merchants and Customers configured as your user profile table?
  • Can you show the headings?
  • Which column in the table has Row Owners applied?
  • What are you seeing in the Distance column?

I can only guess how you have everything configured, and the column values you are working with, unless I have more information. Based on what I’m seeing, you are trying to view data that is not owned by the user that you are previewing as. I need to understand your configuration more to determine if something is set up incorrectly or not.

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The only time I’m using the Role functionality in this section is for filtering data and visibility.

In the distance column I’m seeing the actual distance between the user and store.


This is the first time I’m hearing about Row Owners.

Here is the row

You have Row Owners applied to the email column. In this case you are previewing the app as Kang, so only Kang’s row is accessible. The two Merchant rows don’t have the same email, so they are not accessible.

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Actually, all three rows are greyed out, so I don’t know who you are previewing as. Regardless, whoever you are previewing as does not have access to any of those three rows due to Row Owners being applied to the email column.

Thank you! It worked. I removed the Row Owner

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