Mapbox display language

Is it possible to change the display language of the map box used in Glide?


Hi all, does anybody know if Mapbox has localization features and detect the user’s operating system to automatically change the language per @hisashi.fujita question above? I’m working on an app that I’m hoping will be used in Japan during the Olympics where both locals and foreigners can use it.

Also, if anybody has any ideas on how/where to stick in instructions for updating the location services on Safari within the workflow? I’ve got one tab where the inline list is just a big map with several attractions pinned. But as you’re unable to stick any other components on the inline screen unless it’s a detail, I don’t know where else to put these instructions while keeping the “user flow” intuitive. Any thoughts or opinions greatly appreciated.

On a related note, my gosh is Mapbox super inaccurate with addresses in Japan. It’d be like going to Union Square in either San Francisco or Manhattan but you end up in Oakland or Brooklyn. The solution is to pull the coordinates from google maps, stick that in a column and create another column for the actual address to display.



I want to know whether we can change language of this feature or not.
This is so important feature for me to choice no-code tools which I should use.

I would so appreciate it if there is someone who reply this question.