Make VOIP Calls From The App

Has anyone ever created a screen to make calls from the actual Glide App?

I would envision this as instead of opening the phone’s built-in dialer, it would open a glide modal and allow a user to enter digits and start and stop a call via VOIP via Twilio or something similar. Or even just be able to add a button to call and a button to hang up on a user profile.

Would be extremely helpful for service based businesses to make outbound calls from the businesses phone number instead of using their personal cell number. And would be great if you could somehow select the DID that you’d use over at Twilio based on the business the user is related to.


after the sms here is in my opinion the integration to be done,… we tested it launches the call but impossible to open the phone to talk,… if something happens we can’t wait to see how you get there
Twilio call