Machine Translations with WeGlot

Super cool. Thanks for sharing.

Is the es subdomain pointing to another app? Or purely configured on weglot?

It’s pointing to the weglot service. The subdomain can be configured in the app.

There is only one glideapp being used.

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Does it work for this case? Is the browser popup considered to belong to the app?

Thanks for sharing

No it shouldn’t work with that. The notification would come from the original app pointed to the original domain. It wouldn’t change the email at all and wouldn’t change the link that is served in the email.

The translation will only work if the user is pointed to the link where the translation is being served (ex. The

Even though there is only one app the translation happens via domain pointed to the weglot service.

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We will wait for a video to clear this up

Great news!

I’m using google translate for now. It works well with chrome.

With Weglot, can the members choose the language they want in the settings on Glide app?

No, with the way it works with Glide, they can not as the translations live on a separate domain.

What you can do is have different links or buttons that redirect the user to the new link when they press it.

As promised, here’s a video rundown! Using WeGlot with Glide Apps - YouTube


Good to know. You said it’s in beta. Are you speaking with the glide team to have an official integration ? Is it a stable solution ? Can we sell it to our client, or just a Hack ?

PS : Good choice to translate in french :wink:

No not yet. For now I am simply helping Weglot test out this solution as a fan of both services. For now I’d say use it at your own risk however results so far are promising.

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Hey @justinjmp -
Does this solution work with the new Glide Apps ? Or is there any way currently to use Weglot with Glide ?


Based on how they described it here, it should work with any website.

Can it be configured to only translate the app and not the editable content?

Yeah, I tried it. It works (after a little effort).
And yes, it can be configured to only translate specific app text (This is the effort part).

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Great to hear. Is there any step by step guide how to get started with Weglot and Glideapps?

Nothing for Glide yet, but check out the below 2 links. Once you understand how it works, it becomes easy to figure it out for Glide too.

Just 1 limitation - there’s currently no way (that I could find) to integrate the Weglot Language switcher button in Glide. So language switching, if required, needs to be done manually by changing subdomains.


Thanks for sharing!

Oh, that’s super cool! Thanks for sharing @Yasin_Hassanien!