Live Countdown Timer

Hi Anyone here managed to make a live countdown timer, with days, minutes and seconds?

I currently already have a countdown timer, but its not live there is a 10 sec delay that happens as the math column update. I have it setup to show ‘days’ remaining when above 24hrs, ‘hours’ when below 24hrs, ‘minutes’ when below 60 mins.

But these are not 100% live. Also as a workaround trick, once the timer reaches below 1 min, i show a 60sec timer GIF file, which disappears when my timer hits zero. Not really 100% but works ok.
1 min countdown


These guys might be able to help:

We use the for a lot of personalized UX needs. :+1:


You’re right…there’s a 10second delay to update live seconds. All timers I make have seconds as the smallest fraction of time consequently.

This one has a live countdown timer

Does it update every second ?

Yes, check it out.
Days and hours and minutes and seconds. You can do all this in the editor now.

Sorry i can’t find the part with the timer

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I think I have a free template u can work with.give me couple of hours pls. Not a 100 % but I think I still have it.

The gif trick is a funny one becz sometimes there is a 10 sec delay in their appearance on Glideapps lol

Never had a issue with it, always worked fine for me

this timer is cool, how can i copy this app ?

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Sorry I shared the wrong one with you even though it has what you need. Let me find the free version, which I think I have.

HI Wiz, did u find it?