Line Spacing Between Text

I would like to find a feature in the editor to allow action text and rich text to have lines of text be more spaced. In English this is not a problem, but in my language the text is very cramped and will be hard for any users to read.

I’ve been trying to search for this feature since last year; it is hard for me to continue editing if line spacing between lines of text cannot be edited.

Hi @Win_Moe, that text does seem difficult to read (and the spacing doesn’t help!). My apologies for asking: what language is that?

As for spacing, how you tried using a rich text component and playing around with #headings with markdown?

I know this is not what you are looking for, I’m pointing you to markdown just in case you didn’t know it could be used.

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That might be a good thing to submit to Glide support so they can see if they can make some adjustments to spacing, or at least some adjustments based on the language.