Limit view to details screen only (without ability to go "back") when landing on app from a deeplink

Hi all, I have a rental management app for several properties, each with its own rowID and deeplink. When I share a deeplink for the details screen of a specific property, the user can see and click the “back” button on the upper left hand corner, and then see and access the other properties in the list. I would like to limit the view to just the details screen for a specific property.

Anyone know a creative way around this? My current “hack” has just been creating a ton of duplicate apps pointing to the same google sheet and using the filtering the inline list.

App is public, currently on free tier but willing to pay for public pro if that will solve this problem!

You can hide the Back Button using CSS:

[data-test="back-button"] { display: none }

:point_up_2: This

Darren’s approach will work, but beware about the part when that user installs your app on their phone and opens it, then they don’t enter the app via the deep link anymore.


thank you!

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Yes, thanks for this call out!

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