JWT Token Decoding Column

I am getting a response as JWT token that I need to convert to json to get the information.

Something like this:

Tried with js column, using the sam js function like on the link, but never getting anything back. Is there any tested glide column that does this?


Are you using a return to return the value? I can get it to work with this.

const decode = token => decodeURIComponent(atob(token.split('.')[1].replace('-', '+').replace('_', '/')).split('').map(c => `%${('00' + c.charCodeAt(0).toString(16)).slice(-2)}`).join(''));

return decode(p1);

I did. This is strange. You used exactly this code. Could you please send me sample data? Thx

I used the same string of data that was include in the sample you linked to.


Thanks, I recreated the column and pasted your code and it works fine now. Thanks!

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