ISO reset feature on a layout search feature

I have a layout with a search bar which looks for a specific item within my table. However, the user much first click that search bar to begin a search and clear it out with every search following. How can I make the search bar always active and ready for the next search? So the user can search, glance at the result, and immediately search again without clicking anything.

My use case - My end goal is to allow the user to search/scan an item, hear a sound if its included in the related table and move on the the next thing as fast a possible. Scanning 60+ items per minute!
It’s really just a way to answer a Yes/No question, as fast as possible; is that thing you just scanned on the table or not. If someone wants to click into the details, before starting a new search, that would be gravy. But not at the top my priorities.

Thank you for your support!

Do you use a custom search for this flow? I’m thinking if you have a button to perform the search, you can work around it, but not sure about scanning.

Thanks for the tip. I’m pretty new, it’s really helpful to at least know what to research. I’ll look into it.