Is there a way to generate an Open AI image without using a button?

I wish to create an image in glide app (using open AI) based on a condition rather than a user interaction ( button ) … possible?


What is the condition, and what causes it to change?

For instance , if the Image Prompt is filled then create the image

Okay. I think the answer is no, because this Integration is only available as an action, therefore you need a user interaction to trigger it.

Can this be accomplished by automation in any way?

No, not that I am aware of.

But, how is the prompt being completed in the first place?
Normally you’d have a User typing a description, and then you’d want the image to be generated once they are finished - hence click a button. I don’t think it would make sense to have the image being generated as soon as they start typing?

Or do you have some other type of flow?

Many Thanks I figured out, …image prompt is being generated using selection values from drop down.