Is it possible to change this text?

I want to change the wording of the “Submit” button at the top right of the form. Does anyone know how to do that?

That might be possible by using CSS in a rich text component, although that probably wouldn’t be recommended.
A better approach might be to create your own form and then use a ‘Submit’ button with a custom action. Then you can label that with any text you want.

You’d have to target that element using CSS with a visibility:hidden and then target the element:after with a content:'new text';


With the compund actions available you can create a form page without using form, and in turn removing the submit button and allowing you to create a button of your own using images or a customized glide button. All you have to do is instead of a form buttom make a image or button that links the user to the same page as where the data resides and put in your entry fields and at the bottom add your image or custom button and in features make the action “add a row” to the sheet the form results are on and then make the action button navigate to wherever you need the user to go:)

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