Introducing Glide Actions ⚡️

Hello Gliders!

Glide Actions is now available for all users across all plans :zap:

The new Glide Actions includes:

  • Native Integrations: Connect your apps to work tools directly within Glide
  • Redesigned Actions Editor: Combine simple actions into powerful custom workflows
  • Reusable Actions: Create, save, and reuse your actions across different workflows

This unlocks powerful new capabilities for your apps, like:

  • Communication: Send emails, SMS texts, Push notifications, and Slack or Microsoft Teams messages
  • Automation: Create PDFs, generate CSV files, send invoices, collect e-signatures, automatically add events to your calendar, and so much more
  • AI: Complete prompts, generate images, summarize text, and answer questions from your data

Ready to start using the new Actions & Integrations?

Bring all your Actions-related questions to the actions category here in the community.

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Join our round table to learn:

  • How to integrate your favorite work tools with Glide
  • How you can combine simple actions into powerful workflows in just a few clicks

​PLUS: We’ll show you how to add AI to your apps :brain:

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@NoCodeAndy I would like to duplicate an invoice and its line items using a Glide action.

I have a database of invoices and a database of line items (that go on the invoice).

I would like to create a copy of the invoice and a copy of the line items within the invoice using an action.

How is that setup in Glide?

@_eric - Great question!

Start a new discussion thread in the #actions category.

Easier for others to help in a separate thread. :slight_smile:

@NoCodeAndy Done, just created a separate post.

Maybe this can be used as a use case on the upcoming June 15th roundtable to demonstrate the power of Glide Actions.