Insert Javascript code snippet


I’m trying to integrate OneSignal push service through Zapier. However, Onesignal requires me to put a small OneSignal Javascript code snippet in my app:

Any idea how I can embed this? I’m facing the same challenge with other apps as well. I’m unable to integrate platform to my glideapp because of the same issue.



Hi :raising_hand_man: JavaScript is not supported in glide apps.

Segment allows me to define a source using Python, Java, C, Ruby etc as well. Language is not an issue. Challenge is how do I embed the piece of code in my app so that segment can collect their data from Glide?

Glide provides integration with zapier but quite a lot of zapier third party apps require the app makers to embed a piece of code in your application. Provision of Glide-Zapier integration is really cool but what’s the point of having it if I can’t connect my glide app to other apps such as OneSignal, Twilio, Segment etc. Feeling handicapped. :frowning:


+1 :raising_hand_man: