Inform user when location is blocked


Is there a way to inform a user when the location is blocked ?
I have a component that is showing data based on the user location, so if the location is blocked, the data is not very relevant.

Another question regarding location … if needed, I can create a separate ticket , but is there a way to put a pin on a map and get the location or coordinates ?


You can use a distance column to measure distance from the user’s current location to any other location (even coordinates of 0,0 will work). If the distance is empty, then show a hint component or something to indicate that location is blocked.

No, there is currently no way to pick a login from a map.

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@Jeff_Hager If the location is blocked what action can a user take to enable it ? from what I saw he needs to reopen the app or enable the location from the device settings … is there an action I can use for the user to be able to enable the location ?

Best you can do is ask them or provide instructions to enable location services. We are talking about Browser/OS settings that are out of your control. There is no type of action that can override any type of privacy settings that a user chose to have in their device. At least I sure hope there isn’t.