Index Match Array Formula

I have a calendar app to help schedule jobs and record how long they take to do and users can add jobs on the app. When someone starts/finishes a job, I take their email address, and current date and time from a separate tab. I then have an index,match function which will match their address and time with the job on the calendar tab. How can I make the index match, copy down on the calendar tab for when new jobs are added from the app. I have tried using an array formula, however won’t work with the index match combination.

Hi Claire
Your best bet is to use the =QUERY() formula.
I’m not an expert of QUERY but this resource has helped me a lot:

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Very nice tutorials. Sadly I’m still a sheet noob who can only visualize basic sheets of raw data.

So, I’m still left wondering how you position the query results in a sheet so that Glide pulls just that filtered info in without all the other base data.

Hi Les,
The best practice when using data consolidation (filtering, summing etc… data) is to have 1 tab with all your raw data, call it Database for example.
And one tab with the formulas that only show the data you need, call it whatever you want.
This way on Glide you can chose only to display the one tab with data consolidation.


@Claire Do you have any screenshots or a sample of your sheet? I’m having trouble picturing what you are trying to do. I’m wondering if there is a better way to do this instead of an index/match.