importJSON with fixed columns

I have been trying to import some metadata from Cloudinary to Google sheets. Unfortunately, not all metadata is found for all images. This proves to be a challenge as metadata is obtained for each image - and therefore the metadata for the same property is placed in different columns.

I have thought about using some fixed columns.
In the example below I would use three columns: Make, Orientation and Exposureprogram.
As it can be seen in the example the Orientation would be empty for image 2

Would it be possible enhance the importJSON script to do such a thing? Maybe @Jeff_Hager or @ThinhDinh would know how to do it

Based on the importJSON script


Image 1

Make Orientation Exposureprogram
Apple Horizontal (normal) Program AE

Image 2

Make Exposureprogram
Apple Program AE

Yes if we can import such files it can help us to convert our glide apps to APK

with some android devices you can
if you install the app on some android devices it can give you an option to share it (it will be shared by apk)

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wow thats great

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Sorry if I catch this wrong, but what you mean is Cloudinary doesn’t return empty values as their own columns, which leads to information being put in the wrong columns in your sheet when it returns via the ImportJSON?

@ThinhDinh exactly. In the example image 2 is simple missing the attribute Orientation and therefore this attribute Is not found in the result. Which leads to the result that the same attribute is put in the different columns. In the example Exposureprogram will be found in column 3 for image 1 and in column 2 for image 2

I’ll think about this some more, but maybe you would have to create another sheet that obtains data for each column on the JSON sheet by column names. It would be a lot of ugly formulas though.

I’ll have to look at the ImportJSON script closer. I actually started dabbling with it a few weeks ago to pull down campground reservation information so I can see when my favorite campground has an open site due to a cancellation, but only on weekends with 2 consecutive open nights.

But as far as manipulating the script, I suppose it could be done with some additional function parameters to run a custom function only for cloudinary urls. I don’t know. Just rambling.


@really appreciate if you will find some time to look into it.
Hope you also find time to go camping somewhere - USA has some great spots. One of my favorites is The view campground at Monument valley


Sometimes I wish I could camp somewhere like this also :smile:


Sometimes I wish I can drag my lazy ass outside more as well for scenes like this haha :rofl:


Camping as we speak. On campsite #3 for the week(one of my favorites), and the one that I found the opening due to my quick and dirty glide app.


@Jeff_Hager nice!
And intriguing - using an api to fetch all campgrounds and see when they change status or something?

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I make 2 calls. One to get a list of all camp sites which returns a unique id for each one and some basic details. The other call gives me a list of all sites that are reserved by id and date for a given query string date range in the url. From there I have a handful of sheet formulas to figure out sites that are not reserved for a given day, then which ones are a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Also I determine which ones have consecutive days available. It’s a free app, so right now I just manually reload the sheet in the builder. The ImportJSON seems to be running periodically (probably hourly), so the reload gets the latest uodates. I’ll have to build in some refresh logic and make it more robust

I’m not looking for a status change. I just have it filtered to only show what fits my conditions for open campsites. This particular campground is booked solid throughout the summer, so I can only rely on last minute cancellations to find an available campsite. This allows me to see what’s available over several months at a glance, instead of the reservation website, which only shows a week or so at a time.

Any chance you will share the app - to get inspired by. I won’t be competing for camp grounds in the us as we will get quarantined for two weeks (without pay) should we decide to go to the us🤪
Enjoy the outdoor :+1:

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I’ll make a copy and switch it to a campground I’m not concerned about. Can’t share my favorite spot. :wink:

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Finally got around to making a copy to share. It’s rough and I have some unused formula columns and other processing to only show available sites with multiple days available on weekends, but hopefully you get the idea.