Important updates to the templates store

Hi everyone!

In Glide, we are working hard to make it easy for our users to preview, try, and use ready-made templates to quickly build the solution they need.

We have planned some exciting improvements to the templates store for the coming months and we can’t wait for you to experience them. These include the slash of Glide commissions that, within the next couple of months, will go from 30% to 0%! :exploding_head:

As we advance, we want to make sure everyone can use the templates on our store. Today, unfortunately, many can’t. Those who signed up via email are prevented from using Google Sheets-based templates. For this reason, we started migrating these templates to Glide Tables. This will also allow our users to have the best experience that only our native data source can provide.

We will contact the authors of these templates individually to assist them in the process. Consequentially, as of today, we will require new templates to use Glide Tables exclusively as their data source for their approval.

I hope this doesn’t create much disruption for you. We are very grateful for your contribution, and we are confident in your excitement about our vision.


Thank you @Nuthinking for the info. As I was reading through this post I had to be somewhere in the middle to get the impression that you are part of the Glide team. Is it possible to have some form of title next to your name so that we know that this is “Official” communication for Glide.
May you also expand a little bit about the commission being slashed from 30% to 0%. I didn’t understand that part of the post. Thank you

taking out google sheets will limit the use of templates, this is a big downgrade…
Glide should be working on adding new functionalities to templates… like CSS and Google Scripts…
something is wrong with Glide likely… first tripling the PRO APP price, then an annoying upgrade to the Glide forum, now taking out google sheets from templates… hmmm :roll_eyes:

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Thanks Luther for pointing out the need of adding more context to my role. I added a title now. For your information, only people from Glide can create announcements in this forum.

About the commission… If you sell templates on the templates store, Glide is taking a cut like in any other apps stores. No cut will be taken from paid templates from a couple of months onwards. Please let me know if there is something still not clear.

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Thanks @Uzo for your feedback. As we add more data sources to the platform, we should look into ways of preventing having a copy of a template for each data source. What we should focus on instead is helping people migrate from one data source to another. Don’t you agree?

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no! many templates contain google formulas that are crucial for app functionality, and can’t be replaced by glide formulas…
the biggest plus of Glide is that you can create App from GS… that is the main atraction


I completely agree with @Uzo. While @Nuthinking has a strong point as well, I think Glide should add flexibility in adding templates.

Templates have been a great source of learning Glide. With the introduction of new data sources like Airtable, many people would prefer to see how templates are used based on that data sources. If glide cuts that down, then people will have a hard time learning that.

And, I have copied so many templates in the past, and I have never faced any problem in the migration of the data.

We all know, sometimes it gets really hard to add data to glide tables and Google sheet is way faster than that :slight_smile:

I had 15 applications ready right now that were ready to be published to the template store. I was just cleansing the data :frowning:

If Glide really thinks they are helping people in switching the data source of templates, then they could have done a poll or voting on the Glide community to see what people actually want. A survey would have been better.

I still trust Glide will come up with some amazing features that will help freelancers like us build super-powerful applications for clients all over the world.

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You are raising a good point, templates for learning. One of the other features we are working on, sorry if I didn’t list them all, is that you will be able to share templates outside of the templates store. We have big ideas for templates! But thanks again for the feedback! :wink:


I learned all of Glide through the templates :slight_smile:

Also, since you will be slashing your percentage of templates from 30% to 0%, is there any way you can add some other channels of payment for purchasing the templates? Stripe is not supported in my country, unfortunately :frowning:

That is why I have been unable to publish any of my template :frowning:

Looking forward to these new ideas :slight_smile:

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it looks like Glide is trying to separate itself from google…
I’m working on the solution for payments, it will be ready in 1 week

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Googlesheets is the most used data source and I don’t think Glide will do that.

maybe they getting a big bill from google… that is hard to swallow

Lets see what others have to say on this

This is your opinion, Uzo.

Neither of us speaks for Glide, but in my opinion, based on my understanding of Glide’s mission – 1 billion developers by 2030 – and how we think Glide might successfully achieve this, adding features such as CSS and especially Google Scripts would be steps in the wrong direction.

(I would see the ability to add some CSS and snippets of code for Pages as acceptable, this is a usual practice in website builders.)

It’s wonderful that some Glide developers such as yourself are at the forefront and push the boundaries, your apps are better for it. Reliance on Google Scripts is indicative of your talent as a developer and of where Glide can improve to make it more accessible. Glide is to become easier to build with, not harder.

I hope Glide will continue to ship the necessary native features so all of us developers can build on Glide only, hopefully relying less and less on CSS and Google Scripts.


You are absolutely right Nathan.

I had 0 app-building knowledge but still, through Glide, I was able to create 100+ fully functional business and consumer applications.

The point is of migrating the data source from Google sheets to Glide tables in templates.

David himself said in a community post that Glide is mostly used for business automation, and Glide should also realize that most of the businesses use Google sheets as the main data source.

That is the main attraction of Glide. To build apps through Google sheets. If we copy a template from Glide whose data source is Glide tables, then we will have an additional task of first converting it into Google sheets so the business team can easily access the data and add records to it as well out of the app.


you are missing my point… I do think Glide is the best out there…
but… google sheets are the main drive for Glide and separating from it might be a big mistake.
From my side, it is a great business for me… since glide changes plans for PRO Apps, my customers doubled! they all want Google Web Apps now because it becomes too expensive and limited… I just feel bad for them because they invested so much time developing Glide App