If>Then (conditional) field selection for Components

Conditional component visibility is great, I think what could take things a step further and reduce the need for extra columns or components would be If>Then conditional field selection.

My use case is: I want to output different fields (columns) on an inline list component based on a user’s Choice/Boolean selection. To do this I currently have to do one of two things
A. duplicate the component X times and set conditional visibility for all the different variations or
B. create an If>Then column to output the column values which correspond the user’s Choice/Boolean.
I think B is leaner, however both of these create bulk.

My suggestion would be to enable If>Then conditional selection of what field/column should display when selecting the Data etc for the Component. I mocked up something basic for a visual idea

This is possible using the ‘If Then Else’ column:

I am using this at the moment, my thought was perhaps it could be baked in to Glide field selection to remove the need to create If Then Else columns for each variation. It would save on build time and help reduce bulk (less columns).


I have a similar idea to add to this

Create Template Fields from the frontend app builder.

Again I’ve created a mockup of how it could look, it could be added to the ‘custom’ option

Often times I’d like to prefix a field with plain text eg. Total Votes: [VotesField] however this requires creating a new Template column in the data editor.

Having thought about why I want this, I think I am really just after the ability to create If>Then, Template and other columns from the frontend app builder. It could still create the field in the data editor for reusing elsewhere, maybe that would make more sense

Are you aware that this is already possible?

Not at all! :sweat_smile:

I see now! Over on the left hand side, from ‘Data’

Well that is brilliant.

Shall we close this feature request then, or is some/any of it still applicable?

Close the damn thing