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hi, Is there any Css code to change the icon of a floating button?

Thank you

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Yes, this is possible using the title of the button as reference.
Name the button. For example if the button name is “help”, write this example code in the rich text component:

[title="help"] {
border: 4px solid;
border-color: #45e38b;
background-color: transparent;
animation: splendid 1s linear infinite;

[title="help"] div {
background-color: transparent !important;

@keyframes splendid {
    0% { border-color: #45e38b; }
    50% { border-color: yellow; }
    100% { border-color: #45e38b; }


In this example I change the background to transparent, but you can change the background with an image as well.

[title="help"] div {
background-image: URL("--->YOUR URL<--") !important;

As you can see, you can do a lot of beautiful things with floating buttons!



Thank you, friend

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