I don't want to know my user's email so my app would be able to record de-identified data and not need to be HIPAA compliant

Is there a way to identify a user with a text field instead of an email? I would like to use user specific columns, and have users sign is with a username and password, but no email address so they aren’t worried about correlating data.

User email addresses are anonymised by default.


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Thank you for answering, I would like to ask a medical question and can’t have any PHI for HIPAA reasons

The username would be randomly generated

If the user email addresses are anonymised, then it is not possible to connect responses to your questions to any individual (unless you’re collecting other identifying information).

Does that not meet your requirement?

If you know their email address, then no. I’d have to ask you to sign a BAA in order to use your service (which wouldn’t happen). I understand it won’t be in my records by theory (though it seems like it could slip through).

Though I’ve just realized you’ll know their IP address, and could have analytics on them in the background so maybe it’s a moot point.

Sorry, I’m a bit lost. Who is the “you” that you are referring to?

Once again, if your requirement (as per your original question) is not to know your users email addresses - or have any way to find out - then email anonymisation achieves that goal.

Glide is not HIPAA compliant. Using Glide where HIPAA is a requirement is also prohibited: User Data Rules and Restrictions • Glide

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I was originally asking if I could identify a user with a text field instead of an email, and I wanted to do that so I could use your service without needing HIPAA compliance. But in asking the question I realized that you know their IP address and the data they submit is viewable by you so it wasn’t going to make a difference anyways. You being Glide. Thank you for responding so quickly. Kate

Thank you, I didn’t see that!

Ah, okay. But I’m not Glide - I’m just a user, like you :slight_smile:

Thank you even more then! :grinning:

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It is worth noting that these anonymous emails are not aliases. They are just bits of text that do nothing, apart from not being actual email addresses. I realized this when I first started using Glide again … I imagined that users would get sent a message, that it would resolve ‘anonymous-puppy-catfish7@glide.com’ … but no.