Just to be clear:

  • if we need to send more 2048 characters in URI it’s not possible. Exactly we must do a call api to generate long PDF.
    One update to send and one update to store result back to Glide plus some service to proceed api request.
    Or use 5 updates with integration which itself have a cost.

Thanks for the heads up! Will look into this. Got it working for now

Thanks a bunch!


Could Glide host this HTML to PDF Function? Like a column that transfers HTML to PDF for x updates

This way helps users & glide in 3 ways or more

  • Lot of Glide devs don’t need to pay/learn how to use external integrations
  • This solves PDF generation for a lot of people quickly and easily.
  • Instant Generation and updates of their PDF’s

Users want it so bad they make all this effort and pay 150$ for this glide tutorial

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Glide already supports both PDFMonkey and DocsAutomator.


Currently i’m facing the same issue.
Is the latest link cannot be used anymore?
It come out like this

Appreciated if someone can help me

Hi, biha!
For me, currently, this link works well with short uri

I agree with you, but I think the main idea of this method is the lack of updates.

if i’m using this one,
this will come out

and if i reload few times, this will come out

Yes, we cant use long uri with this technoque, use integration in this case. Url box works well

Have you tried PDF Generation | Transform HTML Using Custom JS on Make.com ?

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But this is happen recently right? All the while im using this method for so long.

I don’t know, may be that service see many long requests and going to reduce acceptable length. All service, evet its free have a cost for them for each run.

But how to host the code actually?

I just uploaded the file (index.html) with this code 🚨 HTML2PDF Deprecated [UPDATE + ALTERNATIVES] to a personal host and it works with short requests.

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Hello , need clarification. so no solution for this thing for Method 2?

If you insist on using this method, you can follow the steps in my thread above. My method successfully prints 16425 characters. Let me know if you succeed.

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Hey @Himaladin - do you mind expanding on this? Would love to find a way to exceed the 2048 character limit if possible

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Hi @Mauricio_Gonzalez, the process is simple as I mentioned above. You can host the code on Netlify, and of course, you will get a 414 error message if you try to print a long text directly. To overcome this, I simply added an additional button labeled “Test Printing” containing short content/messages. Surprisingly, this action can trigger the printing of longer content as long as it does not exceed the aforementioned limit. You can call it a hack, but I prefer to call it warming up :wink:. Hope this helps.


Ah, this is very helpful - thanks so much!

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