How to use template to eliminate text within a string

I was happy to use the trebuchet method for the first time to tag people in photos. But am having an issue with removing tags (a basic version of untag me).

I was merrily progressing and about to use a new Template column with an expectation to be able to use the latest list of name tags and then add a replacement that would search for the current user’s name and replace it with an empty text… but doesn’t look to be an option. It seems we can’t specify the text to replace using a column… you have to enter some text. Am I missing a trick?

Yeah you’re right, we can’t dynamically use a field to replace it with something else. It only works for the right hand side where you use a column to replace a fixed term.

Please check this post from Bob.

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Thanks for the confirmation. The streamline tutorial doesn’t seem to cover it.

Simon, could you share a video showing what you have so far and the point where you hit the brick wall?

There is enough creative brain power floating around the forum that one of us might be able to come up with an idea. I know that (at least personally) I find it a lot easier to visualise a solution if I can see the problem in front of me.

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Thanks Darren - I recorded this little video to show better the application. As you will see I did find a solution that allows people to untag themselves from a photo…! But feel free to propose a more elegant solution :slight_smile:


hehe, very creative :smiley:

I’m about to tackle a somewhat similar challenge over the next few days. If I find what I think is a better way, I’ll let you know.

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Nice way of doing it! Also a great looking app, thanks for sharing!

I assume no one can re-tag you again in the same photo so it works, in some cases when we want to reverse that “untag” then Trebuchet is the way to go I guess.


Thanks and yes, this works for the specific case of untagging yourself in a photo and permanently blocking future tags.

I guess you could prevent it from being permanent by allowing users to tag again and simply count the number of tags vs. blocked tags and control the visibility when the former is ‘more than the latter’. But that’s kinda clunky, I admit :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing this Simon, even though I’m not building an app like yours this is incredibly useful nonetheless!

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