How to use my form in a repetitive way?

Hi, I am trying to make an app to record my golf score.

I have a tab named “Add Round Data”.
Here, I put date and golf course name, which are columns in my Round Data Table.
Clicking on submit takes to a new form.

The form can add row into my Hole Data Table.
Here, I put hole number, hole type and number of putts.
What I want to achieve is that if I click a button, then

  1. the hole data that I put is added into the Hole Data Table, and
  2. the same form is now clear and I can put another hole data so that I can use the same form again and again.
  3. when I am done with adding the hole data, I submit and all 1 to 18 hole data are added. (I made a relation between Round Data Table and Hole Data Table.
    However, the problem is that the add row button seems unable to understand the data I input in the form. It just makes me add static data or data I previously put in Hole Data Table.

What would be the possible solutions?
Please help me I am helpless.

It looks like you are already using a built in form with it’s own submit button at the top right. Just curious why you are creating a separate button with an Add Row action? The top right button will already submit the data to the sheet.

If you are actually looking to create a custom form with a custom button, then I would recommend looking at this thread:

Your current approach seems confusing and probably why it’s not working like you think it should.


The reason why i am using a button instead of submit is because clicking on submit make the form disappear.

The current route is

  1. Hole Data Add (Screen)
  2. Click on Add a Hole Data (Button)
  3. Hole Data Add (Form)
  4. Submit Hole Data Add (Form) → Round Data Add (New Form)

Is this appoach wrong?
Can you give me a piece of advice?

What you are trying to do is unconventional, and not really want the form is designed for. I think using a form with a submit button and your own button would be even more confusing. If you want to be able to submit and still stay on the same screen, then I would take a closer look at creating a custom form by following the directions in the link I provided above. Then you can set up a regular screen with a button that has a custom action to add row, followed by a set column action to clear the entry fields for your next entry.


Thank you so much!!!

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