How to Url Encode text using the data editor

I can url encode text using the construct url column. But i have to add the protocol and the domain to the front of that text.
The problem is that i need to encode multiple sections of text that get joined together with the & symbol in between. (and various other symbols that i don’t want url encoded)

Simple eg. the cat sat on the mat & the dog ran off with the spoon
Url Encode: the%20cat%20sat%20on%20the%20mat%20%26%20the%20dog%20ran%20off%20with%20the%20spoon
But i need the & symbol to remain behind not turn into %26

I can easily encode (the cat sat on the mat) using Construct Url column BUT then i always get for example added to it
eg. (i called my pathname… pathname so thats why that’s there)

So now i have strip everything up to and including the = and replace with nothing/blank.
This is easy with sheets but does anyone have some tricks using glide tables/editor.

I’m using Get Part of URL and the Replace All column but must use a new replace all column for each word or character that i need replaced, super tedious.

Would appreciate the help👍

I saw that, but i can’t get that to do url encode (%20 etc etc):thinking:
Can you explain how.
I couldn’t find any help files for this?

OMG i just figured it out, you just type url in the bottom section (the default is Base64, i think?).
They really need a better explanation for that. I figured that our by chance.

It also doesn’t convert a ! into %21

I believe that the exclamation mark falls into neither the reserved or unsafe sets of characters, so it wouldn’t normally need to be URL encoded.


Just putting it all together. I’ve been using that plugin for where i needed Base64 coding (because it obviously defaults to base 64) but it’s literally the one thing i couldn’t figure out for my ICS files so i had to use a table connected to a google sheet. So frustrating.
Thanks for the help👍

In the encoding, what do we put for (Base64,url) ?



which url Darren?

None. Just the string “url” (assuming that you want it url-encoded and not base64 encoded).

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