How to sum up different amounts for each item?

Hi Community!

I have an unsolved problem that is blowing my brain! Have you felt thist way before?

I am working with product purchases and I need to know the total quantity of each item purchased.


item1 2 10/10
item2 5 10/10
item1 1 10/11

As you see, the right answer is:

item1 = 3
item 2 = 5

I was trying Rollup, but it’s not working.

What would you do?


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you need to relate items to sold items, then use the rollup column to sum that relation

remember… sum relation, not a lookup, I put lookup there just for better understanding what is in the sold sheet…
you can also use this technique to count sold items, get average or range …


Hi Mate!!

I worked!

Thank you so much!

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