How to sum the array Elements in Glide?

I am facing trouble while finding the solution there isn’t any other way other than the array sum but I don’t know how to sum the array element. If anyone know please help me out.

Use a Rollup column.

do you know any vlog that explains it or any youtube video would be a help.

It’s just a single column.

  • Add a column in the Data Editor
  • Choose the Rollup type
  • Point it at your array column
  • Choose sum
  • Done.

If that doesn’t work, please share a screenshot that shows both columns and how you configured them.

okay, let me first check it out and if it doesn’t work then I will take your help.

in the image you can clearly see the column name Array Fighters it’s a array type column and ‘your suggested’ column is the is only counting the number of occurrence of the element but not adding the array number itself. Actually my need is to add the array numbers not counting them.

Okay. If sum is not an option in the rollup, that suggests that the values in your array are not numeric (even though they might look like they are).

How is the array created?
You may need to trace it back and ensure that the values that feed into the array are indeed numeric.

“Fighters Sum” being a text column looks off to me, even though I don’t know if the array is created from that column.

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