How to select only large screen with CSS?

Hi there! I’m trying to fix this unfair situation when we can set container-alignment to top and middle. So if we have some fields with labels, any buttons will be floating somewhere.

I’ve added a class to my button block and set them css:

.bottom-buttons {
margin-top: auto;

it works fine for the large screent, but in small screens it minimizes a spacing between higher elements.

Any suggestions?


You could add screen size parameters in your css. Or if you use the display width column in your users table and combine it with a ITE, where if screen size is over 600px = Desktop or under 600px, Mobile. Then add the Desktop/Mobile as a visibility condition on specific components.


I’ve tried, css ignores @media tag

Ok then try the visibility filters based on device screen. I know that works because I use it myself. However, the builder only recognizes things displayed on desktop, so youll have to check it on the device itself

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