How to segregate No. of individual items at lookup array?

i have a look up array values as shown in the photo, Kindly, how can i segregate the count of each item,

How many “A”, How many “S”, How many “E” etc.

it tried : if-then-else, but the available conditions are:
“is empty”, “is not empty”.
i couldn’t find “is” only.

Glide segregate

How do you want it to be displayed?

Should it be “A: 2, S: 1” and “A: 1” for your 2 examples?

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i really want to count the A and S etc
as you respectively stated, Then i want to use a rollup column to show that count, so i can use it with the serial numbering for each A, and S


Something like this can help you 🔢 Count duplicate elements in an array or list


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i will give a try, and study :sweat_smile: where should i post that code.

Thank you so much

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to be Honest, i couldn’t figure out how to use this code, i found where i should past and adjust accordingly, but with no luck for success, i am not a coder at all.

However, i found one way around by dedicating each choice to certain category and do the lookup based on that. it worked.

Really appreciate your continues support to new Glider like me.

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