How to make videos loop?

Is there any way to make videos loop? Similar to how instagram loops feed videos.

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I don’t think there’s a service that allows this to happen on-the-fly like Cloudinary with images. Would GIFs automatically loop?

The videos I need to loop have audio, so I can’t do gifs. I was wondering if there’s a property or hack for the video component to allow it to loop.

Cloudinary can do that:

Where 100 is the number of times to loop the video.


Can Cloudinary fetch videos the way they do with images Bob?

As long as it fetches from a file and not a stream, I think so.

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Thanks for the suggestion guys! I’ll try it out.

However, I would prefer it stream from google drive to prevent further fees to Cloudinary. Isn’t there a way to automatically return the playback to the beginning after the video plays? It would be great if that was a checkbox in the video component settings. If not, could that be a feature request?

Bare in mind that stream from Google drive is limited to up to 100mb and that the last time I check it didn’t work with the sharing link and I needed to find a deeper link in the player code page

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