How to make the map more precise

Right now, the addresses I have on the map are not very precise , even though, if I put them on Google they are … how can I improve this ?

Are you storing them as text or coordinates? Coordinates are much more accurate.

@ThinhDinh as text, written address … how to get and add the coordinates ? What component to use when you are not on that specific address, in order to use the location component ?

You can get coordinates from Google Maps.

@Darren_Murphy just add the address in plain text and use the integration get google coordinates ? that’s all ? It will work better ?

Edit :slight_smile:

I’ve tried adding a column like that but it’s empty, it doesn’t generate anything …what am I doing wrong ?

Can you show us how you’re setting up the integration?

The Radar integration also supports converting address to coordinates.

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@ThinhDinh Radar worked smoothly, thanks

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