How to limit the number of bookings available for a scheduled time

I want to set up my app so that I can’t over-book a scheduled time. For example, I want to have no more than 5 customers scheduled for 8am. How can I make it to where the 8am time slot is no longer an option once I have reached that threshold?

extract hour using the math column hour(date)
then use the if-else column to check if you have a booking and show extracted hours… then another if-else column to check if it is 8, then mark it as 1… then the rollup column to sum these 1’s… repeat for each operating hour. that will work only if you are looking for single day search… for any date search… you have to convert dates to a date and hour only… then convert entered booking time to a date and hour only… copy the converted entry into all rows using a single value column… then the if-else column to find matches… rollup to count them.