How to hide image in item data in list?


This is my first post on the glide community forum (hopefully of many fruitful discussions!)

I’m wondering how I can remove the image placeholder from the item data in my list? I don’t see any option to do so.

More generally, how can I configure the types of properties that exist in a list?


upload an empty PNG or just don’t use the image in the list

There should be a checkbox that you can uncheck: “Automatically generate image when empty” or something like that.

thanks for getting back Uzo. When I do that, I still get an empty image placeholder, as I mentioned above. Like this:

How do I get rid of the placeholder?

But wouldn’t that just determine whether I get an autogenerated image vs an empty image? I’m trying to get rid of that component completely, not have an empty image.

I think there actually was no placeholder in the beggining, when there was no image selected ("or it was set to “-”). The problem is that I selected an image at some point, and now I can’t unselect it. There is no “-” option to switch back to…

If you don’t wanna use an image, just do not select any…

click the first option “-”

Right. The only list you can’t do this with is tiles style. With Tiles you HAVE to select an image.

Thanks Uzo. But I’m not seeing that option in my dropdown list. Did you try selecting an image and then changing it back to being blank? Because when I am setting up a new component from scratch, I have that option. But once I set the image to something even temporarily, that option is gone.

Here is a screenshot of the full control panel. I believe this is called an inline list. I have a top-level list of products, and after clicking into the product details, I want to show a list of ingredients based on a one-to-many relation between products and ingredients. As soon as I create the collection, it auto-fills the image to be “ingredient”, and there is no option to set it to “-”.

Select ‘From URL’ but don’t enter a url.

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Yes, thank you! Seems very simple now, but not very obvious since the other options from the dropdown don’t have a default empty value. Thanks again!

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