How to cut extra height in iFrame

Hi gliders!

I have a Question about Web Embed Component (WEC).

I use it to show a Timer\Countdown generated by Template with HTML-call to external timer,

But it diisplays with too high spacing in top and bottom.
Is it possible to cut extra height?
I used HEIGHT=80 inside iframed text with SOURCE=…, but it does no effect :thinking:

You can place your web embed component inside a container. Give a class name to the container for styling through CSS.


Thank you, @Himaladin !
Understand, this required Business Plan.
Are there no other options to cut spase up & bottom?

I don’t think there is one.

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Unfortunately, this is the known way to resolve the web embed component. While you might use the native approach to display the clock/countdown, I believe it is not as seamless as using an iframe.

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Hi @Himaladin :wave:
Thank you, but native timer refreshes only each 10 sec, unfortunately.
This is a reason why i use external timer.

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Thank you, @ThinhDinh, okay.

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