How to create a composite key?

Does anyone know how to implement a composite key on Glide? I’m looking to set up one-to-many relationships between Student and Guardian tables, and Guardian and Contact tables. I’m struggling to figure out how to link the primary keys in the Student and Contact table to Guardian table as a composite key. Here’s the schema I’m looking to implement:

Might need some more information on your goal, but all you need to do is create a relation column in whichever table needs the relation.

I may be misunderstanding the question, but if you are attempting to link from the Student table to the related contacts, then what you need to do is create a multiple relation that links the student id to the student id in the guardian table. Then create a lookup column to return all of the related contact id’s from the guardian table. Using that lookup column, create another multiple relation column linking the lookup array to the contact id’s in the Contact table.