How to change color on link text

Hi, I have used few links in my app. those link’s text display by white color. how to change color that text. please help on this…

I’m not sure you can do so with current settings, probably CSS is the way to go :slight_smile:

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What color do you want to change it to?

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blue color

Use rich text and add before the text.
If you are using column data, you might have to create template columns. Also with rich text, you can define the size, font style, orientation etc too with some Markup language.
Luckily Glide has launched actions on rich text so you can configure the action you need.

Hello, @Roshan_Abrew
You can use a little CSS to change the color of the link.


#list-item-lf-Web {


EDIT :::::::::::::

Here is another version:
The name of the tag is dependent on the title associated with the component!
(I think it’s new, well I never paid attention ;-))

In my example the title is “Mon site Web” so the tag name is [id = “list-item-lf-Mon site Web”]. This helps to differentiate the components.
It is therefore necessary to adjust the name of the tag according to the title!


[id="list-item-lf-Mon site Web"]  {
color:blue !important;


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