Change Color in rich text of an Airtable Hyperlink


I have a text in Airtable that look like that : text

In Glide I show that with a rich text block and the text appear in blue and underline with the hyperlink

My question is : Is it possible to code something and the text appear also underline with the hyper link but in an other color pink or green will be perfect

For the moment my solution is that : <font color="#F8049C">Text</font> (Link)

that’s not optimal I will prefer to direct have the hyper link on the text with the alternative color


<p>This is a <a href="#" style="color: green; text-decoration: none; border-bottom: 1px solid green;">green underlined link</a> within a paragraph.</p>

Please let us know if this works.


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No, it’s look like that


Are you sure you’re using a rich text component? Can you show me your configs?

What’s with all of the ** in your html?

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Thanks !
Sorry for the delay I just went to return on that problem
It works perfectly, I was just copy/past the code from there to sortable directly and the ** appear because in airtable the p and a was in bold

so it’s copy/paste on airtable and remove the bold and it’s perfect

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