How To: Build a Gamified Glide App (updated 10/6/20)

You got me onto it…you have a lot to answer for! I blame my lack of free time on this forum and developing on glide. Could be worse.

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Wow! One thing I never knew that has blown my mind with the possibilities that you showcased in this video is tab visibility conditions!

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This is awesome. Thanks a lot @Robert_Petitto.

I went ahead and added Diamonds as part of the reward.

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Looking good already!!!

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Thanks to you, man!!!

Part 4: Badges and Leaderboards

Create badges, automate the awarding of badges, create user leaderboards and guild leaderboards.


Thank you, @Robert_Petitto! I appreciate you, Sir!

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Oh yes, I was waiting for this one ! Another holiday day well spent!

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Already added these features! Thank you @Robert_Petitto

I wanna add a button to give points for behavior. I’m planning on using an Increment action.

Should I add a new number column to the user profile and the values in that column added to the total XP math? Or do you have a different way?


That would be the easiest way…yes. Unless you want a record/log of the awarded points. In that case, use a form button to a new sheet and then do a relation/rollup that will be added to the math column. I plan on making a video on admin functionality (this included) in one of my next segments.

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Thanks man!

With this second idea, now I’m thinking I could add behavior badges to that record/log.

I’m going to try and do this and see how it goes.

Are you planning on showing how to do the in-app Store?


I sure am! I think that’s going to be my next video :wink:

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I can’t wait!!!

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Gamify your Glide App #5: Item Store and Inventory

The one you’ve been waiting for!

Create an in-app shop that accepts in-app currency, restrict items by balance, rank and inventory slots available, add inventory boosts by leveling up.


You are a Gem Robert. Love :heart: from India :india:

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Great video @Robert_Petitto!

Thanks again!

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Great videos @Robert_Petitto I’m not building exactly this format but enormously helpful for components/features of what I’m building.
Quick question:
I’m having users submit information but they can’t see any more information in the app until I approve their participation. Currently what I have is that until they’ve been approved, they can’t see any of the other tabs. When they fill out their profile, the messaging changes so that rather than “welcome” information, they get new “rich text” telling them that we’ll be in touch and will approve them later (and an e-mail address if they have questions). Once they are approved, the tab switches to their profile (with information input) along with showing the additional tabs that they can use.
I like the approach for graying out the submission button, but do you see a specific advantage or disadvantage to graying out versus the approach I took? I’ve had some friends test it out and there’s been some glitching that could be problematic if it continues (I think I’ve cleared them out).

I don’t see any issue with what you’re doing. That’s the beauty of Glide: there are many ways to achieve the same functionality…all depends on what you want re. UI/UX.


Hey @Robert_Petitto! I added gold and diamonds as currency. I want to have some items worth just gold, others gold and diamond and others just diamonds.

Any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

I am hitting a walk on that one.


Certainly possible… You’d just need to

  1. have an additional column for cost in the store,
  2. two if/then/else columns that checks against both balances for user (eg. true if enough gold and true if enough diamonds)
  3. a third template column that checks for the other two (if enoughGold is false then false, if enoughDiamonds is false then false, else true).

Use this third if-then-else to allow users to purchase the item (sets conditional value of buy button in store).

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