How To: Build a Gamified Glide App (updated 10/6/20)

Hey @Robert_Petitto can you point me to where I can find pictures for the ranks?


I got mine from

Search for ranks or ranking…will probably require a bit of photoshop skills.

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Thanks!!! I will check it out!

Sitting in the garden, a sunny afternoon in Amsterdam, a beer and learning from Robert, life is good!



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Part 3: Challenges and Gold!

Create challenges for your users to complete, award them in-app currency AND/OR XP, create an admin dashboard to view/approve challenges.


Gosh your work rate on here is phenomenal.


Look at you awarding badges! (Which is going to be my next video by the way :wink:)


You got me onto it…you have a lot to answer for! I blame my lack of free time on this forum and developing on glide. Could be worse.

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Wow! One thing I never knew that has blown my mind with the possibilities that you showcased in this video is tab visibility conditions!

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This is awesome. Thanks a lot @Robert_Petitto.

I went ahead and added Diamonds as part of the reward.


Looking good already!!!

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Thanks to you, man!!!

Part 4: Badges and Leaderboards

Create badges, automate the awarding of badges, create user leaderboards and guild leaderboards.


Thank you, @Robert_Petitto! I appreciate you, Sir!

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Oh yes, I was waiting for this one ! Another holiday day well spent!

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Already added these features! Thank you @Robert_Petitto

I wanna add a button to give points for behavior. I’m planning on using an Increment action.

Should I add a new number column to the user profile and the values in that column added to the total XP math? Or do you have a different way?


That would be the easiest way…yes. Unless you want a record/log of the awarded points. In that case, use a form button to a new sheet and then do a relation/rollup that will be added to the math column. I plan on making a video on admin functionality (this included) in one of my next segments.

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Thanks man!

With this second idea, now I’m thinking I could add behavior badges to that record/log.

I’m going to try and do this and see how it goes.

Are you planning on showing how to do the in-app Store?


I sure am! I think that’s going to be my next video :wink:

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