How to attach multiple functions to one button

Hi there. I need to attach little more than one function to one button, so it could, for example, change one number in the sheet, and add information about that to user`s profile. Is there an easy way to attach multiple functions, or should i put triggers everywhere around my sheet?

What type of information do you want to add to the user’s profile? Is it the same number, or the time of that being changed?

Not really.

See, we`re making an app, that would allow users to make an appointments with psychologists, and when they press button “make a reservation”, programm should change value “claimed” from 0 to 1, so button would disappear, and text “booked” would come. But also it should message psychologist about that appointment, which i could make with zappier, and add information about that appointment into users profile. I can do all those things separated from each other, but i need them to be triggered with the single button

I think it’s too many things to be rolled into just one button, when you press the “Make a reservation” button does the user have to input other infos like date, time, name, phone etc.?

If the button press changes a value in a sheet then those actions could all be based off of the flag.