How to append random string to URL on every button press?


Could use some help solving this riddle. We want to integrate our glide app with our Jitsi server, the idea being that every time a person pressed ‘start meeting’ button. it takes them to a link that has following format:

that random-string is basically meeting/room id and it needs to be different on every butom press. So that every time user starts a meeting, it starts a new meeting, rather than dropping them into old room.

is there a way of doing this that does no involve a table just to store meeting id values ? Can random string value be appended to ling on the fly ?

I’d probably have a Set Column action somewhere in your flow that writes a Unique ID to a column. Then use that unique ID with your url.

yes it appears that’s my best bet, I had to re work the implementation to be a table rather than a button. Is there a way I can make the table clean itself up automatically by deleting old entries ?

Hard to say without fully understanding your setup. You shouldn’t need to keep adding new rows for each meeting unless that’s what you want. Instead it could be a single row table with user specific columns which create the url, and somewhere in your flow you use a set column action to clear out the values when you are done with them.

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