How do I remove the time in the calendar view

Changing the date format to date only doesn’t make any difference

Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 14.07.41

It’s not possible to do this as of now, Glide hasn’t offered a “full day event” type.

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In fact, you can using a workaround.

Using Chrome on your pc, launch your app. Right click to display the contextual menu a’d select “inspect” (developer tools must be enabled).

Once done, using the element selector, select the time displayed in the event row. It will show you the corresponding “div” html element corresponding to the display of the event time. This div will look like to :

Take note of this YYYYY string.

In your app, add a custom Rich Text component and place it at the top of your app components. Filled this custom Rich text component with :

<span/><style>.YYYYY {visibility:hidden;} </style>

And say good bye to the time.

This workaround works for any html element class you want to hide in your app (so you can easily hide the “1 EVENT” indication displayed at the right of the date, for each date row of the calendar component).

And it should not cause any damage to your app and its functionalities, as far as you only “hide” some text.


Learn a lot regarding rich text from your comments, I’m gonna try this later Christophe!


I also learnt a lot trying to get few things to improve my project and to make it feasible. But still urgently looking for a way to trigger the login form in public app, and then I/we will be able to build GDPR compliant apps (few checkboxes required before the users log, to get their consentment and provide them with mandatory information before they effectively sign in and fill their profiles).


There is no ability to add a component in the calendar layout. I only get this option in the Details layout.

I’ve been waiting fot this a long time. It feels so stupid to always get a time when you don’t want one and don’t add one. Being no programmer I think: this can’t be difficult to change can it? But I’ve learned through the years that very often what I thinks is seasy is difficult and vice versa!

Hum, you’re absolutely right…
What you can do, is to change for a detail layout and use an inline list / calendar layout. This way you’ll be able to remove the number of events.

Thanks for the insight @Christophe_HK. I have a couple of apps that could make use of this concept/workaround.

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Great! Thank you!

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Thank you @Christophe_HK for this. I wanted to hide timing in one of my app.

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I am creating a form to allow users to add in their tenure in a job but the calendar option requires the input of time. How do I not require a user to select the time? I saw the method of putting a rich text in front of the components but does not seem to solve it.

Are you using the date picker or the date time picker?

This is amazing - and simple! Thank you!

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